Love Was A Dream

Love Was A Dream

Jul 25, 2011

  • 1. Just Believe It's True (Schon ist die Welt)
    2. Vilia (The Merry Widow)
    3. Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss (Paganini)
    4. Oh Maiden, My Maiden (Frederica)
    5. You Are My Heart's Delight (The Land of Smiles)
    6. Love Was A Dream (Guidetta)
    7. Beautiful Italy (Paganini)
    8. Patiently Smiling (The Land of Smiles)
    9. Love Unspoken (The Merry Widow)
    10. Friends, This Is The Life For Me! (Giudetta)
    11. Beneath The Window (The Land of Smiles)
    12. Farewell, My Love, Farewell (Frasquita)