Alfie Boe

Classic Quadrophenia (CD & DVD)

Classic Quadrophenia (CD & DVD)

Jan 1, 1970

  • As legendary British rock band The Who celebrate their 50th anniversary, their landmark record ‘Quadrophenia’ is released in a new orchestral version orchestrated by Rachel Fuller. The rock opera is performed by The Royal Philhamonic Orchestra, with Alfie Boe filling the shoes of Jeff Daniels.

    This deluxe version contains a bonus DVD featuring the making of Classic Quadrophenia along with exclusive clips and interviews.

    Disc: 1
    1. I Am The Sea Time
    2. The Real Me Time
    3. Quadrophenia
    4. Cut My Hair Time
    5. The Punk And The Godfather Time
    6. I'm One
    7. The Dirty Jobs
    8. Helpless Dancer
    9. Is It In My Head?
    10. I've Had Enough
    11. 5:15
    12. Sea And Sand
    13. Drowned
    14. Bell Boy
    15. Doctor Jimmy
    16. The Rock
    17. Love Reign O'er Me

    Disc: 2
    1. Classic Quadrophenia - Making Of
    2. The Development Of Classic Quadrophenia
    3. The Quadrophenia Plot
    4. Original Recording Of Quadrophenia
    5. The Singers
    6. Sources Of Inspiration
    7. Love Reign O'er Me - DVD Version