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‘Serenata’ tracklist revealed!

‘Serenata’ tracklist revealed!

July 21, 2014

Alfie is to revive a golden era of Italian song with his new and most romantic album yet.
“I’m always drawn back to this area of music, I think because it’s spontaneous. The songs themselves are simple but about the biggest and most important things: love, loss, journeying away, coming home, family, living life. In Italy, this music is just in the people, a part of everyday life. It inspires the young and old, to dance and sing together – it makes a bridge between generations. And it reminds me of sharing happy times together with family and friends. Singing these songs makes me feel a part of something good.”


1. Serenata Celeste
2. Addio Sogni
3. My Heart Is Yours (Il Postino)
4. Volare
5. Luna Malinconia
6. Buona Sera
7. Arriverderci Roma
8. Feneste Vascia
9. Rondine al nido
10. Firenze Sogna
11. Chitarra Romana
12. Non ti scordar
13. Mambo Italiano

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